Hello everyone and welcome to Hector’s Spring Newsletter.

Time really does fly and we are still fighting for the plight of the Greyhounds. It is as busy as it has ever been with waiting lists as long as my arm for dogs to come into our care. We see the highs and lows in rescue and every week wonder if it will get any easier. The most enjoyable part is seeing the Hounds happy and content in loving homes for the first time in their lives.

I really hope for those of you who are on Facebook that you are enjoying Let’s Talk Hector’s as much as we are. We always look forward to seeing you all and hopefully we can get to see you again at some of our events this year.

I’m Home – Billy Gibbons Our Hero

I am now conversant
What a new home brings
Adjusting to life’s changes
Such beautiful and magical things

Who would have thought I’d be lying
In the lounge on my own bed
Watching dog programmes on TV
Much prefer this life instead

Gardening has become an interest
There’s an art to soil digging
Admiring myself in the mirror
Continuing the weed killing!

Had never heard of a kitchen
Being a tall lad, I can reach
Worktops, table, lovely food
Bloda Pinc I can teach

Pinching things is so much fun
Feel like a puppy, it’s a joy
You can’t imagine what I get up to
Unravelling a ball of yarn is a toy!

When Nain and Taid come to visit
I no longer hide with fear
Spend special moments and hugs
Now I’ve settled in, all’s clear

Gypsy Rae’s my sweetheart
We meet up on our walk
Bloda Pinc’s in love with Brogan Patrick
I’ve learned that mums can talk!

Life is full of interesting things
Many people to say thanks
With all my heart and being
Can’t promise not many pranks!

Mum will keep a note of my moves
And let you know from time to time
She will put it in writing
And hopefully it will rhyme!



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