Sponsor Jenny

As one of our ‘Forever Fosters’, Jenny will stay with Hector’s forever.

Hector’s ‘Forever Fosters’ require extra financial support due to them often needing additional and ongoing veterinary care, specialist food and behavioural therapy, which your sponsorship will help fund.

Who is Jenny

Jenny retired from Greyhound racing when she was three years old and came to Hector’s in October 2017. Hector’s immediately spotted she had a large lump on her shoulder and sought a Veterinary consultation and Jenny underwent surgery to remove the tumour. Jenny had wound complications and had a postoperative haemorrhage and within days the wound dehisced leaving a huge wound which took many weeks of nursing care to heal.

We soon discovered why Jenny’s wound had behaved this way when we got her histology report back, Jenny was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive cancer with a very poor prognosis.

Jenny has exceeded all expectations and has remained well and as her fabulous vet said “every now and again a miracle happens”.

Hector’s took the decision not to neuter Jenny due to the risk that she may bleed following the surgery and for this reason she lives as a permanent foster dog with a trusted Hector’s volunteer.

Jenny enjoys her life to the full and is a very active fundraiser for Hector’s and recently undertook a sponsored mountain climb to the top of Cadair Idris.