Sponsor Brenda

Our ‘Forever Fosters’ will stay with Hector’s forever.

Hector’s ‘Forever Fosters’ require extra financial support due to them often needing additional and ongoing veterinary care, specialist food and behavioural therapy, which your sponsorship will help fund.

Who is Brenda

Before coming to us this wonderful girl had led a very hard and traumatic life. She came to us a very scared and nervous girl and did not eat or drink for at least two days.

At first this really concerned us, however she soon started to trust her humans and soon she was looking forward to her daily walks, treats and meals. She has learned how to play, socialize, and do’ zoomies’ around the garden. She has so much love and fun in her life now and she has been taken on several trips to play fields, doggy hotels and her confidence is growing every day. She has given us so much joy and love.

Recently she has had to be spayed. This was delayed as she had a phantom pregnancy, which must have been very traumatic for her. She did have her operation and has recovered well and is now a bundle of fun, love, and energy. She is now having many trips with her adopted family and they are so looking forward to having this wonderful girl in their lives for a long time yet.

Because of her condition Hector’s will continue to fund her care and treatment for life and she becomes one of the “Hector’s Heroes” Sponsor Dogs.