Sponsor Sam

As one of our ‘Forever Fosters’, Jenny will stay with Hector’s forever.

Hector’s ‘Forever Fosters’ require extra financial support due to them often needing additional and ongoing veterinary care, specialist food and behavioural therapy, which your sponsorship will help fund.

Who is Sam

Sam is a distinguished elder statesman in the world of greyhounds, with a gentle demeanour that belies his years. Sadly, Sam found himself in need of a new home when his previous owners returned him to Hector’s Greyhound Rescue just three days before Christmas. Despite the festive season, Sam’s previous family decided they no longer wanted him, leaving him without a home.

Sam carries the marks of his age with grace. His once fleet-footed stride may now be a bit slower, and his hips show signs of wear from years of running. Additionally, Sam’s eyesight is not as sharp as it once was, but his spirit remains strong.

Despite the disappointment of being returned to the rescue, Sam maintains a sweet and loving disposition. He is incredibly loyal and forms strong bonds with those who show him kindness. Sam enjoys leisurely walks and lounging in cosy spots, soaking up the warmth of human companionship.

Despite his age and physical limitations, Sam has found a new role as a sponsor dog at Hector’s Greyhound Rescue. As a sponsor dog, Sam captures the hearts of visitors with his gentle nature and serves as a reminder of the importance of providing care and support for older dogs in need.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances that led him back to the rescue, Sam’s story serves as a testament to the resilience and enduring spirit of senior dogs. Through his role as a sponsor dog, Sam continues to inspire compassion and empathy, leaving a lasting legacy of love and acceptance.