2/12/2010 – 22/10/2020

Early this morning an angel gained their wings.
Hector’s beautiful, quirky, much adored Shades passed away early this morning, we are devastated and completely heartbroken 
Shades collapsed again last night and was rushed to her Vets, but this time she also appeared to have an infection somewhere which overwhelmed her frail little body, she passed away at 1am this morning.
Shades was rescued last November by Hayley and Shan from a terribly sad situation and chose to live in Hector’s kennels. We can’t help but wonder if a greater force was being orchestrated last night for Hayley and Shan to have been together at 1am this morning and able to be with her together. Shades died in their arms knowing she was loved.
Shades will be cremated and remain with Hector’s in the kennels she loved, Hector’s gorgeous matriarch and queen of Madeira Cake. The photo was taken on Sunday when she was delighted with her new soft toy that she scurried away into her bed.
Fly high beautiful girl, you touched so may hearts and were loved so very much x