Despite the suspension of all rehoming activity at Hector’s Greyhound Rescue, the Board of Trustees are still committed to ensuring that we provide support on looking after your beloved hounds during this uncertain time. 

Stay calm. So far, studies show that pets don’t transmit the COVID-19 virus to humans. 

Food & Medication 

  • If your dog’s exercise has been reduced due to self-isolation, then reduce their food intake accordingly. 
  • Try and have at least two week’s worth of pet food and any medications in stock. This means you can be better prepared when the need for self-isolation becomes crucial. Food and medication can be ordered online. Hector’s Board of Trustees can recommend the following websites for food and meds: 

 If your dog’s food is running low and you are unable to replenish your stock in time, it is important to avoid any sudden changes to your dog’s diet; 

  • If you have to prepare food yourself, try to give your dog foods you know that they have had before and had not caused any stomach upset. 

Remember a balanced diet often consists of 

  • Lean protein (white fish, chicken or turkey) 
  • Complex Carbohydrates (rice, pasta or sweet potato) 

Avoid stomach upsets by restricting your dog’s sodium intake. 


  • Try to avoid using extendable leads whilst practising social distancing, to reduce the chances of your dog getting too near others. 
  • Giver others space (minimum of 2 metres recommended.) 
  • Remember poop bags and hand sanitiser! 
  • Try to keep treats healthy – if your dog’s exercise is restricted- carrots are a healthy alternative 
  • If you are unable to get out and exercise, give your dogs long-lasting treats to keep them occupied. Feeding puzzles are also a good way to keep your dog entertained. 
  • Remember that playtime helps your loyal companion thrive, use the extra time at home to have structured play with your dog, it strengthens your bond and provides fun stimulation. 



Our dogs have a profound effect on our mental health; dogs can help alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, and feelings of loneliness. 

Spending time with your dog can reduce blood pressure, slow your heart rate, regulate your breathing and relax tense muscles. 

Remember, Hector’s Board of Trustees are still here to help. You can stay connected via our Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram. 

Stay well + keep safe. 

Hectors Board of Trustees.